Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crafting Shop-a-holic

Today I went around to the stores and did the shopping thing. I have several ideas roaming around my head causing all kinds of trouble. Some of this I have plans for, some of it I just had to pick up. Husbands wonder how the stashes get so big.

Fleece, because you can never have too much. I purchased fleece remnants for about a year and after picking up fabric for the backs, I ended up with five patchwork throws that I still have to give away. Some flannel, because you never know when you'll need to make a baby blanket. Some fuzzy fleece, because I have an idea to make some little throw pillows for the bedroom. I think they'd make a great Mid-Winter gift. Yarn for socks (that's the red and white) and yarn for a baby sweater (yellow yarn) (Fabric Place is going out of business). I picked up the pattern for dog sweaters because a friend has a short-haired puppy that could use a sweater for the winter. I think my puppy might like one, too. Lastly, some print-on magnetic sheets. When you spend half your life in a big steel box, you have plenty of places to hang magnetic signs.

So many ideas and projects, so little time.

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