Sunday, October 21, 2007

Knitted Vest

As fall arrives and winter seems not so far away, knitters look to adding warm things to their list of projects. I purchased a stack of Moda Dea Ticker Tape at the discount store. What to do with it? After a couple frogged attempts, I settled on a v-neck vest.

Knit on size 11 needles (love those turbos) at about 3 stitches to the inch, it worked up pretty quick. As usual, I ignored most of the directions. Directions said knit the back, then the front. I knit them both in the round. I love knitting in the round. I worked the decreases at the same time. Instead of using bind-offs at the ends, I just included a couple k2tog to take up the bound off stitches.

Instead of working one front side, then the other, I continued to work back-and-forth on my circular needle, with three balls of yarn on the move at the same time. That's one for the back and two for the front. Again, avoiding bind-offs on the shoulders, I merely worked the stitches, placed a marker and worked the next set. That way, I was set up to work the three-needle bind-off for the shoulders. Pick-up and knit the armholes and the collar and the vest is done. (I try to avoid including weaving in the ends as a step, it is the most annoying step.)The worst part? I still have 3+ balls of the Ticker Tape. What can I make with just three balls? Well, the sweater took 6+, so I guess what I have will go a long way.

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