Saturday, October 27, 2007

Windmills Baby Quilts (yes, that's plural) Update

Yet again, my powers of estimation are all off-kilter. I cut and sewed and found I was just a few blocks shy of two baby quilts. What to do? I cut some more, with another coordinating fabric and made sure I had enough for two. I played with layouts for about 30 minutes and found two I liked. At this rate, I might work through my stash better than I'd hoped.

Once the center of the quilt(s) was (were) done , I added a couple borders to bring the size up to fit the backing fabric.
Now, I'm off to get the next stack of fabric into shape. Currently, it's giving me fits, so I may just skip to another pile of fabric.

I also made a trip to the fabric store yesterday, so I may be totally off on the working down my stash idea. I do try.

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