Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Electric Quilt 6 has arrived!

I picked up a copy of one of the many quilt magazines and found an article on several different quilt design software packages. After a little Internet homework I found EQ6. Let's just say I've found another way to waste large amounts of time. After installation and some poking around the software, I've found that time just escapes into thin air. Hopefully, I'll have some quilts to show for this by the end of the weekend. Then, I'm off again for another trip. Which means more knitting. I've got another small knitting project in the works, but I'm keeping it under wraps for right now.

The workspace of the modern quilter: laptop, sewing machine, mouse and scissors. (Oh, yeah, and the really big manual to figure out the software.) (You can check out EQ6 at

Yes, that wonderful desktop image is the 'smiling' face of my pup Reesey.

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