Wednesday, November 28, 2007

America's Favorite Ball Park

Today I worked a little on the Doctor Who scarf. That, however, is not what I want to show you. Besides, the six inches or so really doesn't compare to this...

Today, my friend "Triple-A" re-enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard. Why is that interesting and blog-worthy? Because I got to go to Fenway Park with her! Yay, I've been to Fenway. The best part?

There were only about a 100 people there, not the usual game-day 35,000 (that's just a guess, so don't get all statistical on me). They say I also saw a ball player, but since I can't tell one Bostonian from another I guess that isn't as neat as it could be.

First up, we have the street shot of the park.

This a view of the field. Since they are doing all kinds of construction in the park, we were limited in where we could go.

This next one is of my friend and the Captain. Look closely, you don't want to miss the Red Sox hats that are topping off those uniforms.

Lastly, I couldn't resist a picture of their 2007 World Champions banner. Granted, I didn't see a single game, but I still couldn't resist.

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