Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

As most people know, especially anyone that has ever worked in retail, today is Black Friday. The big kick-off for Christmas shopping. Whew, Thanksgiving is over. Quick! Start shopping for the next big holiday. While Christmas isn't really my thing (I hate the way consumers are nearly forced to spend more than they have for a holiday that doesn't mean what it should.), I do like a good sale.

Yes, I did get up early, but not so early as to appear insane. We were at the fabric store well after the doors had opened and many of the other crazy crafters were already there. The trick to this is to get your number from cutting counter early. Then you shop until the basket is full, or you are disgusted with the fact that someone else has what you want in their carriage. Hopefully, by that time, your number is called. How did I make out at the cutting counter? Well, when I pulled my number the ticker read 18. My number? 55. That's not so bad. I still had to fill the cart. You should have seen another lady, though. They weren't even close to my 55 when she pulled 127. All in all we spent less than 2 hours in the store (sorry I can't be more clear, we can't remember when we got there or when we left, we think it was around 1.5 hours).

What could be so good it would make me go through this? Well, cotton flannel at $1.00/yard is the best price of the season. Since I love flannel and only pick it up on sale, this was prime Becca real estate. I use it to back baby quilts, I really like how it works up, it is soft and cuddly after washing and not a single Krage is allergic to it.

Below, you can see my wondrous take for this shop-a-holic trip. How much did all that cost? Well, I'd like to say less than $100, but the truth is somewhere between there and $150. So, who wants some cotton flannel pajamas for Christmas? Please, someone, anyone, I have 10 yards of pink, please say pajamas.


  1. Jon and I got a giggle out of this. Thanks.

    I don't attend craft-store sales because it would only make me stash like crazy, and . . . um . . . I don't need the help. Still, now that I see the booty, I begin to yearn toward JoAnn's.

  2. HA! You're so lucky. The JoAnne's here isn't the greatest. Still looking around though. Good assortment you got. I didn't brave best buy this year, but I did make it to the NEX. A good 3 hrs after the doors opened though. Didn't feel like getting up early again this year.


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