Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Krage Challenge

The Krage family, the only family I know that is allergic to half of everything on the planet, have challenged me to create a winter coat that is 100% cotton. Well... I guess it really is just a challenge to create a winter coat that does NOT include polyester fleece. You know, the fleece that appears everywhere in warm winter clothing. The Krages are not good with polyester. The good news? The coat only has to fit one little girl for a winter or two.

I sent Mommy some ideas, distilled those ideas into a fleece-free plan and headed out to the fabric store. Now, I will put it all together into an allergy-free winter coat.

The outer shell is dark blue denim (100% cotton, trace poly for the embroidery) with embroidered pink and orange flowers. The lining is 100% cotton flannel in a wonderful coordinating pink that I really like. The batting is also 100% cotton. Thread was a little more challenging; I ended up with cotton wrapped polyester quilting thread.

In the photo, you can see that I've cut out all the pieces and layered the quilted lining. Next step: quilt that lining together. Since this is a work-week, you should see this project as it moves along.

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