Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baseball and Red Sox

Sometime during the third game of Boston's Red Sox sweep of the World Series, I finished these tiny red sox. Brenda was kind enough to model them for the photos. At the time, I didn't really know who was winning the Series. They were basically a trial of making sox for my friend Triple-A. She's a Boston fan (half of New England residents are Boston fans, the other half, it seems, are Yankee fans).

I actually started making Triple-A's sox after Boston had won the Series, but that isn't my fault. They could have made the Series take a little longer than four games. I think they were in a hurry.

Here are her sox, still in production.

Details: Worked at... well, I don't really know the guage. I just know that worsted-weight on size six needles is 40 stitches for a sock that will fit a size 8 foot. Yes, I know, the photo really is kind of blurry, so you miss the reinforced heel. This will be her Mid-Winter gift, even though she knows I'm knitting them. I think, that if you spend hours knitting something, and the recipient of the gift sits next to you for most of the knitting, they will appreciate the gift, even if it isn't a surprise.

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