Monday, May 25, 2009

The bag spell is broken!

It's only temporary, I assure you. Today I finished a skirt. I would have finished two, but there was a small problem with my local fabric store. That's right, holidays aren't just for government employees and banks.I learned a few things while making this skirt.

1. Purchasing fabric online is an adventure. You don't really know what you're going to get. This is a very light weight denim. I was expecting something a little more substantial. Also, I ordered three yards and got two plus one. That is not the same thing as three yards.

2. If you neglect to wash this questionable, not-what-you-ordered fabric you will end up with very blue hands. I guess color-fast doesn't count until the first few washings.

3. Always buy more 7" zippers than you think you'll need. That's right, one simple $2.00 item kept me from finishing a project. It would have also been wise to call the store before I drove half-way across town.

4. Planning a wrap skirt, based on the same pattern will take considerably more fabric. "Of course" you say. I know, but I won't need a zipper.

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