Saturday, May 30, 2009



Melissa, if you were hoping for a surprise, this will be a spoiler. If you want to take a sneak-peek, this is it. To keep the secret, until you scroll down, here is another look the wonderful, batik fabric I'll be working with next.

This is my latest wrap. This time, since I didn't have much in the way of lengths of blue fabric, I went scrappy.
Front pockets and are accented with the diagonal strips. Which isn't so easy to tell from this picture.
Here is the back of the skirt, showing the ties full-length.
You really don't get the width of the hem with these pictures. Not only is Rita fat, she also is really lazy and refuses to spin on command.


  1. Becca! It's beautiful! I totally owe you hugs next time I see you!

  2. I promise I'll get a pic spinning in it, since Rita just doesn't take commands. Silly Rita!


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