Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bex Bag, A How To...

I'm going to attempt to cover the steps in making one of my bags.

I just hope it all makes sense. I'm not going the show the layout of pattern or cutting. I will show the major steps involved.

The first thing I do is work up the strap. Granted, it's just one small part of the bag, but takes several passes through the machine to be ready. Sew the top seams on the inner and outer straps, then sew the two together. Finally, turn and press.Next, I sew the body of the bag and the flap.Then, I press the bag so the bottom and side seams line up. This is how I get the shaping for the bottom of the bag. In this picture of the lining, you can see the opening left at the bottom of the bag. This will be used to turn the bag right-side out. I'm measuring just over three inches from the corner and marking where the stitching will be.I've marked the lining for the bottom shaping. This is repeated on both sides of the bottom of the lining and the bag. I usually make the lining just slightly deeper than the bag itself. This makes the lining fit inside a little better.Then I tack the pointy bits (yes, that is a technical term) to the bottom of the bag. Not strictly required, but it does keep the bits where you want them once you turn the bag. Repeat for the lining, being careful not to sew up the opening in the bottom.Then I turn the bag and press to make the shape a little more defined.I center the strap over the side seams and center the flap across the back. The front of the bag from the back isn't really easy to see with this simple bag. Sometimes, I sew a pocket on the front.
Then I put the lining over the bag, matching seams as I go. Almost done. Sew across the top, binding the lining to the strap and the flap.Pull the whole thing out through the hole in the lining. Yes, it looks silly, but that is temporary. Shove the lining into the bag and press.All that remains is to sew up the bottom of the lining. A project best left for hand sewing. If you're careful, it won't even be noticeable.
Here are two other bags I completed today. A little playing about with the fabric and they each have three pockets inside and one just under the flap.

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