Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Nancy Dress

I found a pattern on called the "Nancy Dress." The whole pattern was more paper and ink than I wanted to print. So I took the layout and put the measurements onto my 1" graph paper. I went hunting for the 1 yard of fabric the pattern called for. I found a piece of rib-knit fabric that was 34" and figured that would do the trick. Boy, was I wrong. I did some editing, to make the pattern pieces fit onto my fabric and cut out the required pieces. I managed to sew the waistband and the skirt together before my sewing machine went on strike. After an hour of threading, re-threading, breaking a needle and re-threading the overlock machine, I finally managed to get it to sew reliably again.
Here is the finished skirt. At least two sizes too big for me. Good news! I didn't have to buy any new fabric to learn these lessons. I know that no matter what the instructions say, I'll buy 1.5 yards of fabric and sew it at least two sizes smaller than the size I think I am. (It also won't be so much like a miniskirt.)

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