Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Hot Momma Bag

In Carry Me, they call this the "granny bag." I was told I couldn't call it that, since the Momma that will carry said bag did not want to be associated with being called a granny. So, I give you the Red Hot Momma Bag.
This bag is huge!
To prove my point, I put three adult-sized sweaters inside. A great bag to carry everything except the kitchen sink (an item I don't think would actually fit into this bag). I deviated from the pattern in fabric and construction. I still think it is a great bag. Most importantly, it will be used.
Before the ladies showed up yesterday, I made up these little curtains. They are meant to be used with the Little Partners Learning Tower. A fun print that was pre-approved by the little partner they are intended for.
I don't have access to the tower, so you'll have to accept a picture of the curtains on my yard stick.

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  1. I love the hot momma bag!!! keep making more..;)hehe


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