Saturday, May 26, 2012


I work with a young lady that wanted to try to make a quilt.  I cannot refuse such a request.  I picked up an inexpensive, thrift store machine (it might weigh a ton, but it sews wonderfully), provided a bobbin or two, went shopping with her for all the things you need to get started, showed her how to cut out a stack of 5 inch squares and set her loose on the quilting world.  I think she's done a splendid job with this quilt top.
The fabric choices are hers, bright greens, yellows and blues that coordinate with a cute backing of frog-covered flannel.  All I did was add the border. 

Time for the long-arm and quilting.  I will be using my original quilting design Lily Pads. The next lesson will be finishing binding.  (Since I started this, she has taken off on a quilt-making frenzy.  Two more quilt tops have been finished, excluding binding.  I may have created a monster.  I am an evil mastermind!).


  1. God BLESS you this is a monster we need more of

  2. Since the posting of this, I have successfully shown her how to finish binding and she's finished the binding. She says it has joined her household with gusto! Slept under by children and dogs alike and even had the morning coffee spilled upon it. Through at least one washing and has become a favorite.


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