Friday, May 25, 2012


I've been going on mini adventures over the last couple weeks.  I pick a quilt shop at random from the internet and take a drive.  I love seeing new things and being able to feed my fabric addiction.

First up: Bonny's Sewing Center where I picked up some thread and the cloth leaders I wanted for the longer rails on the long-arm.  Not really an adventure, but I did pick up some thread.
Next up:  Nancy's Calico Patch where I couldn't resist some bag patterns.  I was also tempted by the fabric but managed to resist.
I succumbed to the urge and picked up both fabric and thread at Quilt With Me!  I love it when I wander into a quilt shop and everyone there just loves to talk about fabric, thread and that next project.  I may have to see what's going on with their open sewing nights.

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