Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shopping Adventures

For my birthday, my darling husband got me the AccuQuilt Go!  Exactly what I wanted.
I had to pick up some dies to go with this nifty quilter's tool.  I may have gotten carried away.  I hope to be using it to make some new and amazing stuff.
I found myself back at Bonny's Sewing and Fabric on a drive through Virginia.  I couldn't resist the rainbow-colored machine quilting thread. Okay, I couldn't resist the fabric, either.
I went on a couple more adventures this past week.  The little bundles of fabric are from What's Your Stitch 'N Stuff.  A great little quilt shop where I was overwhelmed by the fabric and kits.  I did rather well leaving with only two little rolls of fabric.  The coordinating flannel was found at Fabric Hut "Where friends and fabric meet."  This place is huge!  Loaded with quilting fabrics, sewing machines and garment fabrics galore.  I also picked up the flower die for the AccuQuilt here.

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