Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brighten up your day

Another Jelly Roll Race quilt has joined the growing pile of quilts I've made.  Here is the beginning of the race, which is rather messy, but oh-so-colorful.
I raced and raced until I had the top pieced.  Look at how those colors just pop when put together.
I quilted it with a kind of sharp stipple.  At some points it looks like feathers.  I used a four-color Superior thread for the top thread.  Have I mentioned how awesome this stuff is?
Here you can see the (mostly finished) quilt.  Binding will be done sometime in the next couple weeks.  Great television-time project. 
I tried to get a good shot of the quilting.  I'm not sure how this looks on your monitor, but I do know it looks great in person.
Because this isn't a small quilt (around 50" x 60") I had to piece the back.  I couldn't not use the red flannel.  I should just buy a bolt of the stuff.  I use it often enough.
See, from the back it looks almost like feathers.
The stitching is perfect for this quilt.  I will have to try to put some swirls in there next time, mix it up a little.  Now, to find a name for this one.

What I'm listening to in my sewing suite:  Escape Pod.  Science fiction podcast that keeps me entertained.  Highly recommended!

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