Monday, June 25, 2012

Scrap Happens: 2012 (and Schrodinger's Cat Lady)

I pulled out one of my little bins of 2.5" strips and started sewing them together in an attempt to work through some of my stash.  
I made sure I reached at least 1600 inches, which is what a standard jelly roll should be.  Before I started sewing the strip to itself, I did a quick measurement and decided it was about 2088 inches.  That's just a guess, since I didn't measure with a ruler or anything, I just used my own body and what I know to be about a yard.  Fifty-eight or so yards of 2.5" strip.
After pressing, I had to use my long-arm frame hold it up.  It turned out much bigger than I expected.  I figure the finished quilt will be about 64" x 64".   I also pulled from the bin with leftover binding to make the binding strip for this one, so the binding will be as scrappy as the top.
I love that I am now able to make much bigger quilts.  The downside is that now I have to make much bigger backings.  I don't know when I'll get this one quilted.  I have a couple others in the works that I'd like to get finished first. Actually, looking through the shelves in my sewing room I can see more than five quilt tops waiting to become actual quilts.

How much of dent did I make in the bin of scraps?  I only used about half of what was in the shoe-box-sized bin.  I think in the game of stash-building, I'm winning.

What I'm listening to:  Escape Pod (Schrodinger's Cat Lady was just great!)

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