Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scrap Happens 2012

I decided I didn't want to let this one lounge about unfinished.   I seemed in such a hurry that I even finished the binding by machine.  Usually, I sit down and complete this final step by hand.
I also decided to try my hand at pantograph quilting on the long-arm.  Here, you can see the somewhat leafy, somewhat flowery pattern I chose.  
I found that I'm not a big fan of using the pantograph.  It isn't because it's hard, it's because it takes a level of concentration I just don't want to spend while doing something to relax.  I bit my lip, I tightened my shoulders, I didn't have fun and the results were not as pleasing (to me) as my other quilting.
I guess free-style quilting just suits me better.  Sure, I have to pay attention and keep track of where I've been and where I'm going, but it has a creative flow that I love and enjoy.  It helps me to relax and just let the quilt tell me what it wants.

Finished size:  60 1/2" wide by 66 1/2" long

scrap challenge.bmpI started this quilt before I found the Scrap Quilt Challenge 2012.  Check out the contest at the link and you can find all the contest entries on Flickr.

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