Monday, June 16, 2014

In the Mail Monday

When I went down to the NC Maker Faire, Susan had this great little iron for the booth.
I got a chance to use and decided I wanted one for use at home.
For reference, this iron is cordless in that the power supply is in the base.  The iron isn't much different from a regular iron otherwise.  The heating element is still in the iron, and the temperature and steam settings are on the iron.  The iron simply heats up when plugged into the base.  Remove it, it presses and makes steam.  You still have to put it back onto the base for it stay at the proper temperature.
The heat-resistant case is nice.  You can retract the cord into the base and put the cover over the iron while it is still warm so you can safely carry it.  It is comparable in size to my corded iron.
I put it on the end of the pressing station.  I haven't decided if it is a good "everyday" iron.  I may return to my corded iron because it has different auto-off features that I like better.  I will give a little more time before I make that decision.

Do you have a favorite iron?  In your mind, what is the best feature of your favorite iron?

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  1. Very nice! I've been thinking about setting mine up next to the ironing board so I dont have to give up any of the board space for iron resting. Haven't quite made it into the studio this week though. Maybe next week :)


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