Monday, August 7, 2017

Row by Row: Nimble Thimble

Next stop on the Row by Row Experience: The Nimble Thimble! This shop in Gilroy, CA, seemed to be a hidden secret when we parked behind the building. I was pleasantly surprised to find this shop was much bigger than I thought at first. This row leaves loads of room to add tiny quilts to tow behind your tiny camper. I am leaving the tiny quilts until I have completed more rows so I can use the leftover bits to make those quilts.
I might also use some of that space to document the shop names. I don't have a problem putting that information on the front of a quilt. There is no rule that says the label should be hidden on the back. It can be part of the design.

1 comment:

  1. I agree. The names of the shops are pertinent to the quilt. Even if there was a rule that said the label should be hidden in the back, you should break it and put the info out there for all to see.


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