Friday, August 11, 2017

Walking in the Sunshine

I try to get outside most days for a 2 mile walk in the afternoon. Along the path, I come across different kinds of wildlife. This is a small structure made by crayfish living along the edge of a ditch in Virginia. They are called mud-bugs for a reason.
The deer population isn't too concerned with people. I usually get within 20 feet of them along the path. The does are usually more skittish than the bucks. This particular buck really doesn't pay much attention to people past the first look.
I saw this web a bit off the path and wanted to capture it in the sun. I didn't see the creator of this structure while I was there.
The largish beetle was making its way across the paved path.
I've counted six individual bucks that frequent the area.
The raspberries are ripening.

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