Monday, August 12, 2019

Cranked Socks

I promise, the blog will not become all socks, all the time. Even if it feels like it right now. Sitting down to learn a new skill takes time and dedication. You won't get good at something doing 15 minutes of it once a month. You have to practice consistently to get good at something. Crafting is like that, too. I've focused a great deal on the machine sock knitting, and I think I've learned the basics well enough to somewhat reliably get a sock when I try to make one. Not all the time, but most time. I haven't even read the directions for the ribber, so there is still so much left to learn.
These are my current hybrid socks. Hand knitting is a process and not a fast one. I do enjoy hand knitting, though.
I learned a little more about yarn differences and tension this past week. Both of these socks are knit with the same number of stitches; both in length and circumference. What changed between the two socks was the yarn (the white is a thicker yarn, though still a sock weight) and the stitch tension. This was a great way for me to work with adjusting tension to get the fabric I wanted.
I then shifted back to tension appropriate for Knit Picks Stroll and finished the odd socks to match up with last week's odd socks. 
I'm still working through Kitchenering (sp?) the toes closed on pairs I knit a couple weeks ago. It isn't a difficult process, but I do need quiet and to pay attention to what I'm doing. 
I finished this pair on Sunday.

2019 sock knitting count:
  • Cranked socks: 9 pair (no more odd socks)
  • Hybrid socks: 1 pair (partially cranked and partially hand-knit) and pair #2 picked up and heels started. 
  • Hand knit socks: 1 pair

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