Saturday, April 21, 2012

Off to the Races

While looking for a long arm quilting machine, I picked up two packs of bright strips of fabric.  While on YouTube, looking at videos of long arm machines, I found this neat video about the Jelly Roll Race Quilt.  I decided it was time to bust out those bright strips of fabric and give it a try.
The strips are from a company called Blank Quilting.  I thought that this fun white on black print I picked up in Montana a few years ago would be a great contrast.
Step one:  Sew all the strips together end to end on the 45.  Here is the result of that step.  I managed to make it through Step two: Cut this super-duper strip in half and sew the strips together along the long edges.  At that point, I had to run out of the sewing machine to go see a guy about a sewing machine.
After what seemed like hours, I managed to get the frame and the machine home (traffic was a complete mess by the time I left Bonny's Sewing & Fabric.  Darling Husband was so sweet and understanding when it came to putting it together.  No smashed fingers (on either side of the relationship) and the only thing that was dropped was a wrench.
Darling Husband also will not let me plug it in or turn it on until I get a uniterruptable power supply/power conditioner to plug it into.  So, I shall have to go back to the races until we get a chance to run out and pick up this all important piece of equipment.

I'm off to sew up that quilt top.  I'm really looking forward to the quilting process!

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