Monday, April 28, 2014

Charm Swap

I have several people I follow over on Google+ and I stumbled across a charm square swap, hosted by The Amateur Quilter.  I've never done a fabric swap.  I've done five or so swaps through the Quilting Gallery, but those were for coasters or mug rugs.  This is my first fabric swap.  I won't bore you with all the details, you can go read about over on Flickr if you like.  I just wanted to share my fabrics.
I wanted to take pictures that clearly show the scale of the print.
Step one, pick out some fabrics.  The challenge for me was to find 1 yard cuts of fabric.  I'm terrible at buying much of any particular fabric.  I have loads of fabric but most of it is smaller cuts.
Step two, chop those fabrics into 5" squares and stack them up neatly.
Step three, put these squares into a zip-lock, stick into a mailing envelope with a return envelope and  send off.  The tricky bit will be waiting patiently.  The deadline to ship the charms is May 24th.  I'm ready to ship today or tomorrow.  I'll be waiting for a while for my stack of charms.  I can only hope that everyone else is in as big  hurry as I am.

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  1. Your fabrics look great cut up, I'm loving watching what we're all choosing. Looking forward to receiving my charms :D


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