Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Iron Lady, Day Two: The before pictures.

This post is going to be filled with some before pictures.  This is going to take a while to work through, so I don't expect much in the way of glamor shots for a while.  For the record, if you see something that looks like rust, it is more likely dirty oil that is really stuck on.  Only a few spots on this machine are really rusty.  They aren't spots that will affect the function, so I'm going to just clean them up as best I can and get her sewing.  The old, dirty, stuck on oil I'm going to do my best to remove.
The underside looks good overall, but does need a good cleaning.  I'm not interested in learning how to set timing, so I'm not going to take anything timing-related apart.
She looks so small when you remove her from the case.
The bobbin tire is dry-rotted and flat on one side.  I ordered some replacements.  They arrived today in the mail along with some extra bobbins.  I have plenty of plastic bobbins to fit a 66, but wanted the metal bobbins.  There is some rust on the bobbin gearing, but nothing that will likely keep me from winding bobbins.  I really want to see this one wind a bobbin.  I've seen a couple on the internet, but I want to see my machine do it.
The top tensioner is really gunked up with old oil.  The disks are actually very clean inside.
I love the scroll-work on the face plate.
A little bit of rust on the balance-wheel and the stop-motion screw, but they both do the jobs they were intended to do, so it isn't an issue.
Look, more fancy work on the back.  I'm sure I can get this piece to shine, too.  Behind that plate everything looks pretty good.  Getting everything lubed up so no gunk slows her down will be the best thing.
For the most part, the surface and the decals are in pretty good shape.  This is likely the worst single spot on the machine.  Since my main purpose for this machine is the ability to sew even without power, this is just not an issue for me.  I will admit I love how the red is a deep, turkey red.
Here are most of  my tools for this project.  The most important things, which aren't on the table, are my two hands and the willingness to spend the time cleaning her up.  I suppose I could have just done some oiling, put the belt on and got sewing, but I would really like to give her the best opportunity to shine.

My references for this project include:

The Treadle Lady
Web:  http://treadlelady.com
Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreadleLady

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Blog:  http://our-handmade-home.blogspot.com/p/singer-sewing-machine.html

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Blog:  http://www.granny-miller.com/

A-1 Sewing Machine Specialists
Singer No. 66 Manual:  http://www.a1sewingmachine.com/manuals/66.pdf

I am not an expert at refinishing.  I am not an expert and sewing machine care or maintenance.  I am a quilter, sewer and sewing machine enthusiast.  My goal is a working treadle sewing machine.

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  1. Wow! It looks like you are going to have a fun day of cleaning. :) Good luck! -Brittany


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