Sunday, April 13, 2014

Free Motion Quilting

Today the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild hosted a free motion quilting class by Erin Underwood.  I have never taken a quilting class, so this was a new thing for  me.  Yes.  I am a crazy quilt lady that has never taken a quilt class.  (I suppose I have taken online classes, but this is my first real, in-person class.)

We started with meanders and loops and swirls.  The problem with sharing samples is that I may get a little off-task and quilt something we haven't covered yet.  We spent about three hours going over different designs and how there are stitched.  I used my thrift store Singer for this class.  I didn't have the right foot for the job, but I managed. 

The best part about this is  that I might be able to move on from the simple meander when quilting smaller pieces on my domestic sewing machine.  I learned a couple things and the best part is that I think I may have figured out feathers.  Before today, I just had difficulty working the petals back to the center in a cleean way.  Today, I think my feathers don't suck!  Such an improvement.

Thread used is So Fine #50 from Superior Threads.  For the record, I love this thread as much as all the other Superior Threads I have tried.

There was a question about what that "#50" means when talking about thread.  If you want to know more about how this measurement is derived, please go check out some of the great information on the Superior Threads site.  Click here for a direct link to the article about how thread is measured.

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