Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fashion Formula Skirt Number One

I know, the title implies there will be more than one of these skirts.  The answer is yes.
I picked up this great pattern from Serendipity Studio.  It's call Fashion Formula Skirts.  I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for a tiered skirt.  They are comfortable, easy to make and fun to wear.  They let you showcase one fabric or a stack.
On Saturday I went to Bear's Paw Fabrics and did some shopping in their discount isle.  I can't pass up a batik, particularly when I need to make a skirt like this.  I picked up five different fabrics to make at least one skirt.  I should have gotten more fabric, but I can always go back.
The Fashion Formula Skirts booklet is a quick formula for a skirt that anyone can do with some simple math and the right tools.  Cutting is quick.  The skirt made up quickly on my serger, with details stitched with my sewing machine.
I probably spent more time making sure I knew which fabric I wanted in which teir than I did with the cutting.  Here are my four tiers cut and ready to be seamed.
I seamed each tier together and used my serger to finish the edges.  I also used the serger to do the gathering and construction.  I use the sewing machine to do all the top stitching.  Each seam is top stitched down with coordinating thread.
I love this skirt and will make many more.  (Don't mind that pile of free-motion quilting practice under the skirt.)  Sorry about the wrinkles.  I'd been wearing it and had to put it onto the dress form to take the picture.

Someone commented on  my dress form over on Google+.  This is Rita.  She is a "Uniquely You" dress form.  You can find her on, though I bought this one years and years ago at a Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Funny, I never realized I named the dress form but have never named a sewing machine.  Things to ponder.


  1. It's fantastic!! I'm looking forward to making more clothes. Seems like it could be fun for sure!


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