Monday, April 21, 2014

Serger Camp 2014

Last week I attended Serger Camp.  Three days of serger class put together by Ellicott City Sew-Vac.
I purchased the Enlighten, a great serger, last year during the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Baltimore.  During the class, I had an opportunity to work with the Evolution.  The Evolution is an over-lock and a cover-stitch machine.  It does the job of two machines.
That means that I had to box up this pretty little thing to make room for my new machine.
This is the Evolution.  It does everything. It has over-lock stitches, cover-stitches and is just plain awesome. 
I reviewed the packing list to make sure I had everything.  After some simple assembly, I was ready to get her situated in the perfect spot.
The package deal included the rolling tote and the 22-foot attachment kit.  Considering how much some of these feet cost, this is definitely the way to pick up these feet if you think you will use them.

What have I done with this amazing toy?  I pieced a fleece blanket out of some 8" squares I had in a bin and did a cover-stitch on my t-shirt scarf.  I think I'm ready to make some more great things with this machine.  I wonder where I put that knit fabric....


  1. You are one Lucky Ducky! That's a very nice machine. Enjoy ; )


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