Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday: Laurel

I shared with you the muslin I made for Laurel.  I also shared the double-fold bias tape I made.  I couldn't leave out the finished Laurel made from a light weight denim.

This post is mostly detail shots, since Colette patterns are about the details.
This is the sleeve hem.  I would do this a little differently if I was to do it again, but for a first try it came out okay.
The should seam could have been a little smoother.  I don't mind those little puckers though.
The collar finish came out almost as good as the sleeve finish.
The bottom hem came out pretty nicely considering I think it was the first time I used the blind hem on my machine.  Usually when I do a blind hem I do it by hand.  I'm not kidding.
The finished dress doesn't have a bunch of shape on my dress form.  This is the back.  I did not include back darts and there is no back seam.  This dress is a pull-over.  Just a small variation from the pattern as written.  I figure if I need shape I can add a belt.
Here it is, all finished.  Simple but well-made.  I will have to think about this one before I make another.  I like the simplicity of the pattern but I question how much wear I will get out of it.  Maybe I should shorten to a shirt length, or shorten more and change the lower half.  I'm still thinking about the options and Laurel does give you a great jumping off point.

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