Monday, April 6, 2015

In the Mail Monday - Knit Picks!

I saw this amazing sweater on the internet and mentioned it to a friend.  She kindly let me borrow her book so I could look through it and decide I need this sweater.  You can find out more about knit, Swirl! over on Amazon.
If you just want to learn more about the method and see many more styles, you should definitely stop by the knit, Swirl! site.  There you can learn all about the different sweaters and get some great tips on picking your favorite from the book and how to best match up your yarn for a project.  There are also some tutorials.
I decided to take advantage of a sale Knit Picks was having on their Wool of Andes Superwash.
I could not decide on a color and this sweater wants to be colorful so I ended up with a great selection of yarn.  I hope I bought enough.  If I didn't, at least I know where to find more!

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