Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Swap Share and Show

Way back in January I learned about a swap on Instagram called the Sweet & Salty Easter Swap.  It was hosted by the amazing Angelina!  You can find out a little more about the swap on the blog post from January.  This was my first swap of the year and a pretty amazing one.  The goal was to make an Open Wide zippered pouch using Noodle-Head's free tutorial and then fill the bag with a few goodies.  Sweet goodies or salty goodies or a combination of both.  I went for the salty, because while I like sweet I absolutely love lightly sweet and savory so much more.
I was a little sad when my package arrived and it looked like this.  The post office was kind enough to put a cute little note on it that says they received the package like this.  I don't know who they think they're fooling with that bullshit.
I set aside my annoyance with the postal service, stopped hopping up and down, and un-boxed all the goodies that were cowering inside.  Look at this bag!  We all know that red is my favorite color and this fabric is just awesome!
Look at all these goodies!  I was so spoiled.  I should stop doing swaps right now!  I still need to break into that giant chocolate bar.  The Peeps are long gone.  And that charm pack?  I think it might end up being used to make another rainbow mini quilt.  I'm not going to give a packing list, just know that I'm really happy with each little thing.  It was so much fun opening all the little things to find the next tiny secret.
If you're wondering where the salty is in this package, it is hiding in the bag.  I love this detail.  I need to load my next knitting project into this bag and take it to the next guild meeting.  Then I can be salty like a sailor and show off my sweet bag.

My partner Robin went above and beyond with this package.  She really made my day and my swap with this package.  Thank you so much!

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  1. I think the inside of the bag is the best thing ever!!! It looks so nice on the outside! It makes me think of a great T-shirt I saw once: "I'm a well educated lady that says F*** a lot!"


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