Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Messenger Bag Recycle

I found this fun tutorial over on Noodle-Head's site and decided to give it a try.
This simple messenger bag is made using a pair of old cargo pants.
First, get your pants.
Rip out some side seams so you have room to cut the pocket out.
Cut out the pocket panel, front and back and the rest.  I cut to a different size than the tutorial so my finished bag is a little bigger.
Cut lining.  Swear because you forgot all about the strap.
Assemble the lining and outer.
Sew it all together.
Fill with fun stuff.
Feel good about using some stash fabric and reusing an old pair of pants.

If you don't have a pair of cargo pants waiting to become something new, you can just go check out the great tutorial for a shopping tote by the Green Bag Lady.  You can make these great bags with old curtains, tablecloths and bed linens.  There are so many ways to recycle, reduce, reuse.

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