Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thread Thursday

This week we have the wonderful threads from Superior that arrive every month until I am buried in thread.  I'm hoping they run out of colors before I run out of room.  The lime green is beautiful!
What do I do with all this thread?  I quilt with it, of course.
Here are couple bits of a current project that I'm working on.  The quilting is done and I need to add the binding and label.  This section of the quilt is quilted using So Fine! #50.  Like most of my quilting, this is hand-guided work without the stitch regulator.
Since this quilt is very, very scrappy, I decided to use simple fills at a medium density.  My hope is to create a fabric with great drape and is perfect for snuggling.  The red thread I used in this part of the quilt is from last month's Thread Thursday, again this is So Fine! #50 from Superior Threads.

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