Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Adventures in Fleece: Charity Sewing

I have a disturbingly large collection of fleece fabric. I see the remnants at the Hancock Fabric and I think I need to take them all home with me. This means I have loads of small (1 yard or less) pieces of fleece fabric. I also have a friend that will send her unwanted fleece my way.
This means I've used fleece to make hats for charity a few times.
This year, there is a box in the vestibule at work asking for donations of winter clothing: hats, scarves and coats for donation to Martha's Table. This is a perfect way to use up some of that fabric.
My pattern uses the Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful to make cutting these hats super quick and easy. At some point I will write the entire pattern and share it with the world. Until then, making the hats is so much easier than writing the pattern.
All last week I would sew a few hats every day. The total for the week was 37 hats in various sizes. A couple of those were made by a friend.
I changed colors more than a couple time on the Baby Lock to get these all done.
Here is my bag full of hats ready to go into the bin for Martha's Table.

Do you make things to give to charity? I would love to hear your story.

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  1. I knit hats and try to create beautiful embellishments on the girls hats. I donate about 100 per year.


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