Friday, December 4, 2015

Sewing Space

I love seeing how other people set up their creative space. I figured it was time I shared a couple of my own.
When we moved in both upstairs rooms had carpet. Since moving in we've removed the carpet and replaced it with laminate flooring. It is so much easier to keep clean. We also had the walls painted. Here is my cutting table.
I put up some hooks to hold some of my thread racks. I think I need more thread racks, or a carpenter.
Good thing I made room, too. Because new So Fine! arrived. Have you tried the topstitch needles from Superior Threads. I love them. You can often find these are local quilt shops. Whenever someone complains of shredded thread I recommend they try a topstitch needle. I use the  #80/12 Topstitch Superior Titanium-Coated Needle (Blue Package) for my sewing and embroidery.
The newest addition to the studio was the television my husband and son installed over the Thanksgiving holiday. I now have my very own Amazon Fire TV Stick. I can watch all the Amazon Prime goodies with it.

Extra points if you know what's on the TV without trying to read the title on the top of the screen.

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