Monday, December 14, 2015

Quiltville Mystery Quilt 2015: Allietare! Clue #3

Just like the last few years, Bonnie Hunter is sharing her annual mystery quilt on her blog Quiltville. This year it is called Allietare! I participated last year with her Grand Illusion and really enjoyed the process. Last week I shared my progress on clues #1 and #2.
Bonnie's directions for making 4-patch units are just the best! I cut the strips, and pieced these really quickly. I love these colors more every day.
The low-volume prints for this quilt include some calculated risks but I love them.
The piece count on this quilt just keeps climbing. I should sit down and add them up. You know, for science. 

What am I listening to this week? I finally caught up with Stephanie at Modern Sewciety and her chat with Amanda Woodruff at Westwood Acres.

Are you participating in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt this year?
Winter Mystery 2015 - Allietare!

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  1. I love your color choices! I went with Bonnie's color palette. I've enjoyed each of her mysteries and am excited to see this year's results. Great job!

  2. Clue is looking good...nice to see some different colors!

  3. Loving your colours. Looking forward to seeing your completed quilt. Roselene

  4. I can't wait to see how those gorgeous colors work out!

  5. Love your color choice, all the units together are so very nice.


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