Monday, October 24, 2016

Mystery Knitting: Playing Catch Up

I'm not usually a swatch person. Particularly when it comes to shawls, but it seemed like Stephen was trying so hard to get me to swatch that I felt it might be important. Here is my little swatch. I got pretty close on gauge, so I'm calling it good. I was sick the first week of the knit along so I my progress was pretty abysmal.
I really liked that this section had four separate parts and each built on the last. The construction is interesting and the knitting is keeping me interested.
I got a little bit more than this before the second clue came out. I'm so behind!
 I made it through the first clue.
And started on the second. This is my first foray into brioche knitting. I found Stephen's video very helpful and decided to try something new. I'm almost to clue three. I will be perpetually behind on this one. Not that I'm letting it keep me down.

Pattern is the Building Blocks Mystery Knit Along by Stephen West.

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