Friday, June 2, 2017

Catch and Release

I've seen a basket re-purposed as a cat bed and wanted to give it a try. Sometimes the cat decides to do this without asking, particularly if the basket is filled with laundry, yarn, or fabric scraps.
I picked up a basket at the local craft store. Along with some yarn from the mill-ends bin. I had no idea how much yarn it would take, so this was a reasonable plan in my estimation.
I free-form crocheted a cover for the basket. I had to rip a few rows here and there to get it to fit, but it worked out in the end. If I do this again I will definitely change up some of my construction technique. This was crocheted in one piece and the final rows were added with the basket inside. There isn't an easy way to remove the basket. Maybe that's the change I should make. Maybe make something that works more like a hat for the basket.
For the cushion I pulled out some fleece and cut around the base of the basket about 2-3" larger than the base of the basket.
I stitched most the way around a 1/2" seam allowance.I did not turn the cushion to hide the seam allowance inside. Stitching it closed by machine will be easier, and quicker, than by hand.
I pulled out my bin of fleece scraps as stuffing.
Stuffed and stitched closed. I didn't overfill the cushion, it should be soft enough to shape to the bottom of the basket.
It fit in better than I had hoped.
A view from the door.
I don't have a cat (I'm am terribly allergic and that makes me even more terribly sad) so I grabbed the plush Lil Bub Darling Husband bought me a couple years ago and set her inside. I think it is perfect for a feline friend. If I manage to get it tested by a real cat, I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. I wonder if a drawstring or elastic under the bottom of the basket would be a good way to make the cover removable and washable?


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