Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Short, Sharp, and Snippy

Yesterday my two copies Short, Sharp, and Snippy, more cutting edge quilt humor by Megan Dougherty showed up on my doorstep. If you don't know what quilt humor is, I recommend you check out Megan's website The Bitchy Stitcher. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes saucy, always my favorite quilt humorist.
I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it will be on my nightstand for bedtime reading. 
I love it when I get to add another signed book to my growing collection of quilt titles. This one will go well with Megan's first book Quilting Is(n't) Funny (Amazon affiliate link). Let me just point out that quilting is funny and if you can't laugh at yourself you're just plain doing it wrong.

Want your own copy?
Short, Sharp, and Snippy from Amazon (affiliate link) both print and Kindle versions

Don't want to wait for shipping?
Short, Sharp, and Snippy in pdf format directly from Clever Notions (Megan's webstore)
Quilting Is(n't) Funny in pdf format directly from Clever Notions (Megan's webstore)
Both titles in pdf format directly from Clever Notions (Megan's webstore)

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