Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Face Only a Monster Could Love

Yesterday, I got stuck doing all the mundane things one must do. Laundry, check. Dishes, check. Post Office, check. Groceries, check.
I felt I hadn't accomplished much, so I made up for it with this wonderful little guy. Sure it's a silly stuffed monster. But isn't it cute!
Today, I'm continuing with my quilting craziness. Here are the fabrics I've picked for my next adventure. I'm still not sure what pattern I'm going with, I may have to think on it a little while.
Or, I'll just grab the rotary cutter and set off without a plan. It won't be the first time the fabric told me what to do. (Forgive the flash for that most forward fabric, it really is a purple and not a washed out blue.)

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