Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thread Thursday

This one is a little late in the day because I didn't get my thread until I got home.  I love thread!

I arrived home this afternoon to a box with this return label on it.  I have yet to meet a Superior Thread I don't like.  Everything from piecing to quilting to overlock work and even embroidery has yet to let me down.  Love this stuff!

This month I joined their Magnifico Cone Club.  See those sherbet colors wrapped in a yellow ribbon?  Those are my club threads.  What's filling up the rest of that box?  Well, when you have them throw stuff into your club shipment the shipping is free.  I may have gotten carried away this month, but there were so many other things I wanted to try out or just get.

The Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob DVD was part of my welcome package, along with their book.  I also picked up more top-stitch needles, four mini cones of Polyarn for my serger, one spool of Rainbows in a Deal of the Day color and another from the Try-me Special.  Three cones of Fantastico in dye sample colors and a cone of Magnifico in a Deal of the Day color.  I love having all these options when it comes to thread.  Next time I should try adding some So Fine #50 to the list.

Do you have a favorite thread? 


  1. Very nice box of goodies! Superior Threads is a great company to deal with.

  2. I didn't know there was a thread thursday! ... Is there a link-up for it? Should I be participating? Is it once a month or weekly?

    I recently bought some of the Superior samplers, where you can purchase up to 5 of a thread at a special price, and Superior picks the colors. I got 3 cones of the 100 wt silk - I heard silk is the best for appliqué , as well as 4 spools of the silk. I have a large number of cones of King Tut for quilting.

    I have lots of aurifil in the 12, 28, 40 and 50 weights - both solids and variegated. I like Presentia 60 wt for my bobbins in sewing, I feel like I get more on the bobbin, and sew with Aurifil 50wt in the needle.

    I also quilt with A&E thread, their solid cones are 50wt I think, and the price is under $10 for the cone - and my domestic machine loves the thread, never any issues.

    I also have a collection of Valdani threads - they are great variegated , used to blanket stitch a binding, the color changes are wonderful.

    I love my Maderia metallic threads, they have these colored threads with a silver or a gold streak in them, adds a bit of sparkle when you stitch in the ditch with them.

    And I got this great deal on pre wound cotton bobbins from Wrights when they were closing their outlet store in MA - I think they were 5 or 10 cents a bobbin, in different colors, so I picked up several thousand and I usually don't have to wind bobbins on my quilting machine. My piecing machine uses bernina bobbins, so can't go with the pre wounds in it.

    I have a huge thread stash, as I have 100's of cones of serger threads as well.

  3. Lovely box of goodies! I wish the shipping to Europe was not so expensive, otherwise I would be getting boxes like this in my mail too!

  4. ooh! love the new goodies!

    Thank you so much for partying at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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