Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thread Thursday: Staying Organized

I found that I was having trouble keeping track of my scissors while working on the long arm.  Having to traipse back and forth along the long arm's 10 feet to find them was becoming annoying.  Several other quilters and crafters had raved about this cute little cart from IKEA.
I wasn't in love with the white or the turquoise but the gray seemed like a good fit.  I put it into the cart and it came home with us.  This project requires only one peep.
As proof that I needed somewhere to store my tools, I had trouble finding space to put this cutie together.  I ended up doing some of the assembly on top of my closed treadle cabinet.  Don't tell the vintage sewing machine people.
Like all things created IKEA, this one included simple assembly that could be accomplished with tools on-hand or those provided.  This little wrench will likely never be used again but it was a thoughtful design.
In about 30 minutes I had my cart assembled and ready for thread.
I picked up those little hanging bins and the baskets from IKEA, too.
Look at all that thread!  I've got a system for keeping track of my threads, rulers, marking tools, tape measure and scissors.  I think this was a great investment.  Why didn't I just make an apron to carry my scissors?  Because that wouldn't be as cool as building stuff from IKEA.

Do you have a unique way to store your tools and supplies?

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