Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tool Tip Tuesday: Sleeve Pressing Board

If you are a quilter or sewer you might have one of these already. 

I read somewhere that a pressing board is the perfect thing for pressing the seams on totes and other small projects.  Since I upgraded my ironing board to a pressing station (it's all about size) I had no idea how I was going to NOT burn my fingers when pressing bag seams.  
This is where the sleeve pressing board comes in.  I found this one at the thrift store for $3.  Not an impressive savings over the same model available through Amazon for $7 but still worth the trip to the thrift store.  
Totes made in 2013 for Annapolis Quilts for Kids
The next time I make a tote, like the totes the Annapolis Quilts for Kids chapter is making, I'll be ready for those seams and tight corners.

Do you have any tips for pressing? 

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