Friday, October 17, 2014

Charm Swap: Rounds 3 & 4

A while back I shared a post about a charm square swap.  Since then I've joined in another swap and this time I signed up for rounds three and four hosted by The Amateur Quilter.
This time the swap is supposed to include one low volume print along with the scrappy print.  I'll admit that I messed up the cutting on one of my fabrics and had to substitute another fabric for four of the low-volume blocks.  Sometimes things just don't go smooth.
One set will have the greens and a low volume, the other set will have the blue and a low volume.  To see more photos of fabrics for the swap you can hop over to the Flickr Group.  
Just sorting my little stacks was a pain in the back.  I can't imagine what Mike feels like when he's done sorting the 56 stacks of fabric he receives for each round of the swap.

A super big thank you to Mike the Amateur Quilter for hosting this great swap again.

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