Monday, January 26, 2015

In the Mail Monday

To be truthful, I received a collection of charm squares came on Saturday but I'm not going to let that slow me down.
One of my new-found peeps on Instagram put out the call to swap some 5" charm squares and as you  know, I have stacks and stacks and stacks.  At least three stacks.  That seems about right.  This picture shows about... half, yeah, half of those charms.  I figured I should totally play along and send some charms.  I like fabric!
On Saturday this great package of charms showed up.  Slow-poke me still hadn't made it to the post office when it arrived.  I'm a much better swap partner than it seems, really!  Look at these bright and cheery colors!  I totally need to get moving on a charm quilt or I'll be buried in these things.  Thank you Sara!  It was great.  I mailed those charms, promise!

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