Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thread Thursday: Counting Spools

I've mentioned my love affair with Superior Threads before.  It does bear mentioning again.  
Sadly, this will be the last month of Magnifico as a club purchase for a while.  I've been working with So Fine! #50 for a while now and I love the blending qualities it has.  It stitches up beautifully on both the long arm and my other sewing machines.  As a long arm quilting thread I just like it better.  I'll continue to use the Magnifico I have but I'd like to add more colors of So Fine to my collection.  I love the shine of Magnifico but sometimes I want something so much more subtle and So Fine gives me that.  So I shifted my club membership to So Fine!
I added in a cone of Omni in a green that should be very easy to match with other threads.  Omni is perfect for so much.  I've used is as a bobbin and top thread in the long arm.  I've used it as a needle thread in my serger.  I'm sure it would work beautifully in my domestic machine for simple piecing or quilting.  It is just a great thread.  Not as fine as So Fine, but really nice to have for just about everything else.

I also got another of their thread holders.  It is on sale until the end of December for only $19.95.  This thing is totally worth it, even at full price.  I use mine all the time and wanted to get another one for the embroidery machine so I wouldn't have to move mine from machine to machine.  If you don't have one, and want to use cone threads I recommend you go watch their video.  
I did this last year and wanted to do it again.  Here are all the spools and cones I emptied in 2014.  I think a couple of those belong in last year's count.  This year I emptied 46 spools or cones of thread.  I can't tell you how much thread I actually used, only that these are my empties at the end of my sewing for the year.
Last year I cleared a total of 21 spools or cones.  I've more than doubled that and there are way more cones in the bin this year.  Some of this is because I've had so much more time to work on long arm quilting and some is because I've been using my serger more.  I've also been piecing much more.  I've been using up some of my older thread, too.  I've been able to use much better threads to piece and do clothing construction.  I don't buy Coats & Clark thread any more.  

Do you keep track of your used thread?  Some people have a checklist and keep track.  I just keep the spools but it isn't very space conscious.  If you do keep track what is your method?

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  1. I keep my empty spools, this year I will give them to my granddaughters pre school.. Would be an interesting exercise to keep the insides off all my prewound bobbins. Now to find a container for them!


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