Friday, October 23, 2015

Charity Quilting: Diana's Golden Needle

If you haven't heard about Diana's Golden Needle I recommend you go check out her Facebook page and learn about her wonderful project.  Her project started FEBRUARY 26, 2015.  Since then it has grown into a wonderful story of giving.  I'll share my small part of this grand project.
I offered to long arm quilt one of the quilts Diana is making for her project.  I emailed in late June and in October I received a top and backing to quilt.  (Before I go too far, I just want to apologize for the mostly blurry photos, the lighting in my sewing room is questionable as soon as the sun goes down.)
The pattern for this block, called Scrappy Trips, is available for free from Bonnie Hunter.  Check out the directions on Quiltville.
This was the first big quilt I loaded onto my recently extended frame.  Having all that room to work is great.
I decided to do the swirl flower as an all-over design.  This one is relatively quick to quilt and fills in space nicely.
An all-over design is good for busy quilts since you can't see the quilting very readily.
This was my favorite block in the quilt.

If you are interesting in helping Diana out with her project, I recommend you check out her Facebook Page to see how to get involved and to see all the wonderful quilts the quilting community has helped her make.

Quilt Count:  39

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