Friday, October 9, 2015

In The Bag: Drawstring Bags

Back in July I told you about my adventure with making a dice bag with a great pattern by Dragon Chow Dice Bags.  I decided it was time to make some modifications to the basic bag because I think it will make a great knitting project bag.
Step one was to make some notes and size up the bag.  I did some pretty simple math to make the bag at 150% and 200% of the original size.  You can find the original pattern here.
Here are my mock-ups of three different sizes.  The far right is the original size.
Then I modified the medium-sized bag to make it deeper.
Here is the medium and the deeper version in that fun glasses fabric.  You can see that either of these bags will easily hold two balls of sock yarn.  I do think the deeper bag would be a better project bag simply because there is more room for the drawstring closure.
I had to go find some drawstrings to go with my cord locks.  The drawstrings are 325 para-cord from the craft store.  The cord locks were a spectacular deal from  I recommend them if you're going to buy a bunch of these.  They do discounts for buying more of something and they will put together a bag filled with as many of each color as you want.  Twelve colors total.  I bought five of each so I would have a selection.

If there is interest, I may provide the measurements for the bigger bags.  The math isn't complicated, but it is nice if someone else does the testing for you.  The construction is almost identical to the original pattern.

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