Monday, October 26, 2015

In the Mail Monday: Knit Picks

I recently borrowed a couple yarn tools from a friend.  I liked the ease at which I could turn a hank of yarn into  wonderful ball of yarn so much I decided to finally buy my own tools.
My tools arrived from Knit Picks and I was so excited.
I bought the yarn swift and the ball winder.
I just so happened to have two balls of Freia's Fibers I picked up locally at Fibre Space that I wanted to rewind so the colors were reversed on the center-pull ball.  On the left is Dirty Hippy, the right is Metropolis.  Aren't the colors fun!
The Electric Boogaloo Cowl says to start with the two contrasting colors so I rewound these balls so the coordinating colors were on the outside.  I love this yarn.

My daily drive-time gives me more than a little bit of time to listen to some wonderful podcasts.  Recently, I listened to a wonderful story presented by Clarkes World“Today I Am Paul” written by Martin L. Shoemaker and read by Kate Baker. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you. My iPod is full of things that I may never have time to listen to but this was so worth the listen.

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